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Motor vehicle accident kills Maryland motorcyclist


There are many reasons why residents of Laurel, Maryland, prefer motorcycles when they travel. Aside from the fact that a motorcycle is lightweight, it can also easily weave in and out of traffic. However, those features can also result in tragic outcomes.

A 69-year-old Maryland man died after a sports utility vehicle hit his motorcycle. The weekend motorcycle accident occurred when an SUV, which was traveling east, stopped to make a left turn. When the SUV turned left, it hit the motorcycle. The unidentified car driver was uninjured and the car passenger sustained minor injuries. According to police, charges are pending.

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries and financial woes. Because motorcycles cannot offer the protection that larger vehicles can, a motorcyclist is vulnerable to injuries in a collision. Often, motorcyclists suffer neck and head injuries from crashes involving other motor vehicles. However, in this case, the loss is grave -- a family lost a loved one. Other than the fact that the family is grieving, they must also pay the medical and funeral expenses, which can be substantial.

Drivers know that driving can be risky. Caution should be exercised whenever anyone is on the road. Inattention to traffic safety and other vehicles can cause accidents.

In order to file a civil lawsuit against the driver of the car, it is necessary to prove that that driver was negligent. Once it is established that a driver's negligence is a contributing factor, there is a good chance that the family may be awarded compensation. In this case, it is still unclear who and what caused the accident.

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