On-the-job construction fatalities rose in 2012

Two construction workers have recently died on the same college campus. One died on September 9th, but little detail has been provided as to how the accident occurred. Another construction worker died back in July while working on the roof of a hall on campus when he fell.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there had reportedly been 4,383 occupational deaths in 2012 as compared to 4,693 in 2011. However, the 775 construction-related fatalities that occurred in 2012 are up from the 738 workers killed in private sector construction accidents during 2011. Presumably, a number of those fatalities occurred in Maryland as well.

Attorneys that assist victims of work-related accidents understand the risks that construction workers are exposed to as a part of their occupation. Injuries can occur due to falls, heavy machinery accidents, burns, electrocutions, power tool accidents, explosions, building collapses, road accidents, etc.

Compensation for such claims can sometimes be complicated and can involve more than one area of law. Since these accidents do often involve claims of defective products, it's good for victims to speak to attorneys that understand workers' compensation, products liability, and personal injury law.

There were more occupational fatalities in the construction area than in any other work industry in 2012. Compared to the 775 construction-related deaths, there were 677 in the transportation and warehousing sector and 475 in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting sector. Fatalities involving governmental workers were listed as 438 across the United States.

Victims of construction-related injuries and deaths often have others dependent upon them. Even injuries from construction accidents can result in the worker being off the job for some time. We need to make certain that the families of these victims are cared for as well.

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