Nursing home abuse happens too often in Maryland and beyond

Finding the proper care for aging or handicapped loved ones is a pressing concern for many families, both here in Maryland and elsewhere. One fear that may be considered by families searching for a facility to care for a loved one is the possibility of nursing home abuse taking place. Unfortunately, there are many such cases reported every year throughout the nation.

A recent case that has come to light in another state centers on a facility that was entrusted with the care of many elderly residents, including veterans of the military. Three families have now filed claims alleging that the home has failed in its duties of providing proper nursing care regarding their loved ones. A spokesperson who is representing the families involved has stated that there were instances of neglect as well as abuse.

While there were not many details surrounding the claims of abuse released, one specific example that was cited stated that a man who had held the rank of colonel in his branch of service had suffered a fall at the home. The family claims that he did not receive any pain medications for his injury until several hours after the incident. The legal representative also alluded to the possibility that some of the clients may have suffered from lack of proper sanitary conditions with accompanying skin infections. The facility, which is located in Texas, has not made any statements beyond stressing that it is their mission to provide residents with quality and respectful care.

While it is not yet clear if the alleged abuse did occur in this case, fears of nursing home abuse should be addressed whenever suspected in order to protect those who are particularly vulnerable. Maryland families take the care of their elderly loved ones seriously and they deserve to be assured that any home that they have selected honors the trust that has been extended to them. Like these Texas families have chosen to do, anyone who believes that this type of neglect or abuse has been inflicted on loved ones may also file a claim against the facility or staff that may have been responsible for their pain and suffering.

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