What is the workers' compensation process in Maryland?

So, you need to make a workers' compensation claim. Do you know how long it will take or what you can expect when you start receiving payments? If not, hopefully, this rundown of the Maryland Workers' Compensation process will help.

When you file a claim, it will take two to three business days for the claim to be processed. Of course, this is only true for a claim that is filled in completely and has no missing information at all. If you forget anything, you'll be forced to fill out the paperwork again and start over.

Once your paperwork is accepted, then your payments can begin. These typically start within 15 days of the date on the acceptance. So, if you have only just had it accepted, you may have to wait a little over two weeks to get it. If you are looking for a settlement or lump sum, this may be paid all at once, but you may have to track the document to find out when you'll receive the entire payment.

If you have to attend a hearing, then you'll need to attend. You'll receive a form including all information on the hearing in the mail. It will include where to go and at what time, so you should have no trouble finding out where to go.

If this process sounds lengthy and difficult, it's because it can be. Without filling out your paperwork correctly, you could be denied compensation; if you miss a hearing, you may also have to start over the entire process. Seeking help to get through this process is the best way to have it settled quickly.

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