Failure to diagnose properly may have caused brain damage

A Maryland man is suing the healthcare giant Kaiser Foundation Health for possible failure to diagnose, which the man claims may have led to brain damage. The man's wife suffered from cardiac and respiratory issues during a transfer to another medical facility. The husband claims that this decision was motivated by money. It is possible that the woman's respiratory condition was improperly treated and a failure to diagnose the severity of the issue may have contributed to the outcome.

The woman suffered from pneumonia when she sought medical treatment from a Kaiser medical facility. Her condition deteriorated, and the husband was advised to seek further treatment at an emergency room. Despite the woman complaining of pain and showing signs of respiratory distress, the hospital decided to transfer her to another facility at a distance of over 50 miles. There was limited monitoring of her respiratory condition during the transfer.

The man claims that a financial agreement between the two medical facilities was the reason that she was moved. The lawsuit claims that the consent of the woman was not received and that her breathing was not properly monitored. Failure to properly care for the Maryland woman during the 50-mile drive may have resulted in her serious and permanent brain damage.

When the woman arrived at the new hospital, CPR was required to resuscitate her. The lawsuit claims that the technicians transporting the woman and possibly Kaiser health system potentially demonstrated a failure to diagnose and treat the serious nature of the woman's respiratory symptoms. As a result, this woman is unable to work, and the husband has had to quit his job to provide continual care.

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