Maryland children should get justice after surgeon error

Parents of an elementary student may have to continue their fight for justice for their child. After a surgery that was meant to help him, an apparent lack of communication and a possible surgeon error may have left a little boy with life-long problems. Parents in Maryland can surely understand that having a child almost always gives a person the incentive to fight for what is right and just for their child.

At 11 months old, the little boy's testicles had not descended. The boy's parents researched and presumably discussed the options that they had and chose to allow the child to have a two-step procedure to correct the placement of the testicles. They gave the hospital permission to complete only the first step, and they signed the waivers that a resident student doctor of the hospital had drafted.

The lack of communication came when the resident allegedly failed to fill out the form correctly, which left the parents uninformed of the possibility that the doctors would relocate the testicles. They were later notified that their child lost his testicles completely during the surgery. Now the little boy will have to be given testosterone injections for life and will never be able to have children.

The parents filed a lawsuit on behalf of their child. They claimed in the $1.4 million lawsuit that they needed to be compensated for the surgeon error and for the medical injections and emotional damages that will come when the boy gets older. The hospital attorney claimed that the parents were aware that there were possible complications, and that the lack of communication was not the reason for the complication.

The family may now have to make the choice to continue fighting and to file another lawsuit. With the help of legal counsel, the family can be directed on how to proceed and what steps to take next in order to continue trying to get compensation for what they feel was a hospital error. Any child that is put in this type of situation in Maryland should have someone who is willing to fight on their behalf because the lifetime problems that come with this type of problem could be both costly and emotionally damaging.

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