Maryland residents learn of fatal failure to diagnose case

Maryland residents may be interested to learn of a case where the parents of a young woman are filing a suit against the hospital where their daughter died. They claim there was a failure to diagnose her condition properly after she went to the hospital complaining of a headache that had lasted 10 days. The failure to diagnose the cause of the headache in a timely manner ultimately led to her death.

A few days after the young woman had graduated from medical school, she began having headaches as well as mysterious bruising. She went to the local hospital, where she was admitted and was given medication for pain. The hospital ran several tests but not in the cerebral area. The suit infers that, had a CT scan been performed, the blood clot that eventually killed her would have been found, and life-saving treatment would have been based on those findings.

A neurologist was finally called in after nearly two days, and the woman was given medication that would alleviate the clot -- but it was not in time to help her. Before she died, she experienced a stroke, excessive bleeding of the brain and damage to the brain. Her parents feel the hospital did not do all it could to prevent this type of suffering.

The woman had studied to practice pediatric medicine, which was her dream. A report did not state the compensation amount the parents are seeking, saying only that it was to incorporate the earning potential of the young doctor had she lived. Failure to diagnose a medical condition is more common than most people think. For Maryland residents who feel they have cause to seek compensation for a medical misdiagnosis, filing a claim is an option that can help bring some justice for medical negligence.

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