Maryland residents may choose to fight back against doctor error

Any parent would agree that the loss of a child could possibly be the worst feeling ever. The death of any loved one can be traumatic, but when that loss is a child, it can be substantially overwhelming no matter what age they are. If the death is caused by medical negligence or doctor error in Maryland, the family of the victim may file a lawsuit against those who are ultimately responsible.

The recent death of a 26-year-old medical school graduate more than likely came as a complete shock to her parents. She had future plans to work a residency position in pediatrics at a West Virginia hospital. Reports indicated that the woman was seen in the emergency room with complaints of headaches and bruising that had lasted almost two weeks.

Doctors apparently gave the woman medications and conducted multiple tests, but they failed to order the CT scan that may have been able to diagnose the blood clot in her head area. They also allegedly waited over 40 hours from the time the woman arrived in the hospital before she was seen by a neurologist. A medical malpractice lawsuit filed by the parents claims that the failure to diagnose a blood clot caused massive cerebral hemorrhaging, a stroke and then severely irreversible brain damage that resulted in her painful death.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of the daughter is seeking compensation that reportedly includes the amount of what would have totaled the future doctor's potential earnings. Medical negligence is a serious issue, and any doctor error can potentially lead to death or severe complications for the victim. Maryland families that go through these types of situations can get some sort of justice for their loved ones who have sadly become the victims of medical errors.

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