Son records nursing home abuse of his mother

Many Maryland families must make decisions for the care of elderly loved ones and sometimes this means housing the older family member in a nursing home. Anyone who makes this choice does so believing that their relative will be properly cared for but, sadly, this is not always the case. One family found this out when they discovered the abuse of their relative at the hands of two of her caregivers. This is just one of far too many examples of nursing home abuse.

The son of the woman, in this case, suspected that she was being abused and set up a hidden camera to see if he was correct. The camera recorded several incidents of abuse, including the woman being hit, thrown and other forms of mistreatment, by two of the nursing home's employees. The footage was used in court to convict the two of vulnerable adult abuse.

The woman's son points out that the elderly are especially easy targets for abuse because they often have trouble recalling events. It is possible that those who would harm them are aware of this fact and use it to their advantage. The punishments for both of the convicted included jail time, probation and a fine.

Even with a successful criminal case, a family in Maryland who finds themselves in a similar situation may decide to bring a civil suit against someone who perpetrates nursing home abuse. If the claim were successful, it could result in financial compensation for the victim and his or her family. Any restitution could be used towards further care of the victim, medical bills, and any other expenses. Elder abuse is a nightmare no family should have to deal with, but there are steps that can lead to peace.

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