Allegations of terrible nursing home abuse come to light

A long love affair shared by a couple continued when the wife became ill. When the family could no longer continue care for her in the home, the family resorted to placing their loved one in a nursing facility. Less than a year later, they discovered that the woman -- their wife, mother, and grandmother -- was a victim of nursing home abuse. While this sad tale did not play out in Maryland, it may help others better discern facilities when looking for care for their loved ones.

The report is based on video evidence that the spouse set up in his wife's room. He was prompted to do so based on the unexplained contusions that appeared on his wife's skin. She had been a resident of the nursing home for about nine months when family members took notice of the discolorations on her body. The wife then told her husband that she was frightened by some of the staff at the facility

Since his wife suffered from increased symptoms of dementia, the man was unsure about confronting any staff with his wife's fears. Instead, he purchased a hidden camera and installed it in his wife's room. The nursing staff claimed that the woman's bruises were the result of falls that she had taken, but the camera captured startling evidence of blatant abuse. One of the attendants was reportedly caught lifting the woman up and then dropping her to the floor, shutting off the lighting and closing the door. This happened on more than one occasion and the victim was left alone, calling for assistance for a considerable length of time.

In light of the evidence, the employee responsible was fired and criminal charges were filed against him. In addition, the facility has been fined and will face daily increases to the fines until the nursing home abuse issues have been addressed and corrected. Families in Maryland who believe that their loved one may have been abused or neglected by a nursing home staff do have the right to file a complaint in with government agencies and may also seek financial redress in the form of civil litigation for any physical harm that their family member may have suffered.

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