State police truck inspection cracks down on unsafest trucks

In 2012, nearly 4,000 people died and 104,000 people were injured across the country, including many in Maryland, from accidents involving large trucks. Overall, some 317,000 of these large vehicles were involved in accidents. The scale of truck accidents and the loss of life and limb has led Maryland to crack down on unsafe trucks in the state in order to help prevent truck accidents.

According to a Maryland State Police officer, the state has seen an upsurge in the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles in recent months. The result at the state level is a coordinated plan to get the most unsafe trucks off the streets.

Recently, MSP officers sent compulsory invitations to drivers to attend a safety inspection at a lot outside Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, home of the NFL Ravens.

Sixty federal and state inspectors checked every truck there, examining each truck's papers and all of its equipment to make sure it was in working order. If a truck could not be fixed on the spot at the stadium site, it was prohibited from taking to the road.

Certain common problems were especially troubling. Many vehicles had barely functioning brakes. Many had flat or badly worn tires. There were also too many overweight trucks and too many unqualified drivers.

Truck safety is a serious concern. Preventing accidents with these vehicles requires more than roadworthiness before these vehicles take to streets and highways. Truck companies are obligated to employ qualified truck drivers and to make sure the drivers are constantly apprised of changes in safety standards. Trucks also should be regularly maintained and well-fitted with safety gear.

When a truck crash occurs and a Maryland resident is injured, the victim may be eligible file a personal injury lawsuit citing a driver's negligence or carelessness on the part of a truck company.

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