Failure to diagnose can lead to a patient's death

When a person in Maryland goes in for a doctor's assessment, he or she often relies on the physician to give him or her accurate information. The patient's life often depends on this. Unfortunately, the failure to diagnose a condition in a timely and correct fashion can quickly lead to a patient's death.

According to recent studies, about one-third of patients in America are getting incomplete or incorrect diagnoses. This equates to more than $760 billion in medical field spending that has gone wasted. One way to keep from having one's medical condition misdiagnosed is to constantly ask the doctor questions and to remain insistent about knowing everything about what the condition could be.

It also helps to get an opinion on one's health situation from another doctor. Furthermore, rather than explaining to the physician about what disease a person feels that he or she may have, it is better to simply tell the doctor the symptoms of the condition. This allows the doctor to draw the final conclusions about what the problem might be.

Doctors in Maryland have a duty to exercise a reasonable degree of care when diagnosing patients, and one mistake can be life-ending. If a doctor's failure to diagnose a problem results in a patient's death, this is grounds for a lawsuit. The family members of the deceased victim may choose to file a suit against the doctor, pursuing damages that may help them to pay for burial costs and other losses linked to the unfortunate physician error.

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