What happens when I file a claim for workers' compensation?

Some commonly asked questions about workers' compensation in Maryland include wondering how long the claim will take to process when you need to go to a hearing and what to do if there is missing information on your paperwork.

Normally, when you send in a claim for a workplace injury, your forms should be process in two to three business days. However, if the form isn't filled out right, that time can be extended. You could receive the paperwork back asking for your signature, your employer's information or any other information that you didn't include. As this is a legal paper, it's important to fill it out truthfully and as fully as you're able.

Once your documents have been processed, your employer or insurer needs to begin paying you within 15 days. If you have problems receiving the money for any reason or if your employer refuses to pay, you may need to seek other avenues to receive your compensation.

If you need to attend a hearing, you'll receive information on the date, time and location on a hearing notice. The notice describes who you are, who your attorney is and the insurers of the people involved. The date of your accident and the courtroom where you need to arrive is also listed. If the case is special, like if you want your money in a lump sum, then that will also be annotated at the top of the hearing notice.

If you're missing information on your paperwork, you will have to resubmit your forms. They will be sent back to you. If you need to change information, then you have to fill out a form called H-31R.

If all of this sounds complicated, that's because it can be. If you have questions or want to know more about workers' compensation, you may want to speak with someone who understands your legal rights.

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