Patient files suit related to failure to diagnose boil

People who go to the doctor in Maryland usually expect to be treated and diagnosed based on accepted standards of care. If the doctor is negligent, the result may end up causing permanent harm to the patient. One patient in another state has recently sued a doctor as well as his physician assistant for failure to diagnose a boil.

A man said he visited the doctor's office and saw the physician assistant. He said they, however, did not appropriately examine him. They thus did not diagnose him with a boil near the anus, called a perirectal abscess.

The man said the failure to diagnose caused him to lose a chance to experience a better health outcome. He also claimed he suffered mental anguish, disability, and pain, and he also endured disfigurement. According to his complaint, the incident also caused him to lose the enjoyment of life in addition to incurring medical expenses.

The man in his suit said the doctor and physician assistant did not correctly communicate information concerning his symptoms, and they also did not refer the patient to another physician who was qualified to address the matter. He is seeking a judgment totaling over $100,000. When a doctor's failure to diagnose causes a person to suffer harm in Maryland, the victim has the right to seek monetary compensation for his or her injuries. Financial recompense that is awarded as the result of a successful case may be helpful for covering medical costs and other losses linked to the documented incident of medical malpractice.

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