What are the risks to a Maryland C-section?

For people in Laurel who are expecting a child, there is an endless stream of excitement as they await the blessed event. Even though child birth is one of the most frequent occurrences in hospitals, it must be remembered that it is still fraught with risks for both the mother and baby. The mother can be harmed, and the baby can suffer a birth injury if something goes wrong.

A procedure that is often used to try and ensure the safety of mother and baby is a Cesarean section. Knowing the potential dangers of a C-section can help parents be vigilant as to what to look for if something goes awry. C-section is so common that it is easily forgotten that it is a surgical procedure. There are dangers to the baby when this procedure is done including breathing problems for the baby and an injury incurred while the procedure is being done. The breathing issues include transient tachypnea. This is a problem that shows itself with the baby breathing in an abnormally fast way in the days after its birth.

If the C-section is performed prior to the pregnancy reaching 39 weeks, the infant's lack of lung maturity could result in other issues such as respiratory distress making breathing difficult for the baby. Surgery involves cutting and cutting requires sharp instruments. It is a rare occurrence that a baby is cut while the surgery is being performed, but it does happen. While this might not be dangerous over the long-term, the baby might be scarred or have greater damage that can lead to longer-term issues.

There are numerous dangers to the mother after a C-section. There can be problems with the uterus, substantial bleeding, a negative reaction to the anesthetic, blood clots, infections and potential dangers for subsequent pregnancies. While many parents believe that a C-section is so common that it is not dangerous, the facts are that there are numerous dangers to the mother and infant when the procedure is performed. If there is a belief that medical malpractice has occurred during a C-section, discussing the matter with an experienced legal professional is advisable.

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