2 Killed In Industrial Accident When Lift Truck Tips Over

When you are a worker at a construction site or industrial facility, you know that you face a risk of injury every day, even if safety procedures are followed. On top of that, if machinery fails or defects give out on the tools being used, your life could be put in danger. One single mistake can cost lives in these high-risk environments, making everyone's jobs important.

A recent incident in Maryland has left two dead following an industrial accident involving a construction company. According to the story from August 15, it was around 7:45 a.m. when the accident took place. Two men, both 31 years old, had been working at a site in the 9100 block of Father's Legacy.

Both men were working when the lift machine and bucket they were inside tipped over. The men were thrown from the bucket to the ground, causing them both serious injuries. They were immediately transported to Howard county General Hospital once emergency services arrived, but the men were too badly injured to be saved. Both were pronounced dead only a short time after the accident.

Is there anything that could have been done to prevent this accident? That's what the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Agency and Howard County Police Department will be investigating over the next few weeks or months. So far, they've reported that there is no obvious cause for the lift machine to fall over. It has been revealed that no foul play is indicated in this accident, although that could change if the investigation leads to a different conclusion.

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