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$1.57 million jury award after failure to diagnose surgical error


Having to live with the consequences of a doctor's negligence can bring about unanticipated medical expenses, and obtaining compensation may ease the financial burden. Maryland residents may be interested in a jury award following a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state. The case involved a doctor's failure to diagnose a post-operative complication.

A woman claimed that she consulted with the defendant doctor about her chances to become pregnant when she was 36 years old. According to the lawsuit, the doctor subsequently carried out a laparoscopic surgical procedure to improve the probability of pregnancy without problems. During the procedure, a small bowel perforation occurred, which is apparently acceptable if treated correctly. However, the complaint states that although the plaintiff showed symptoms that are typical of a perforated bowel after the operation, the defendant failed to diagnose it.

The complaint also states that the patient developed lower abdominal pain, along with a high pulse rate and fever, on the day following the laparoscopy, and she apparently went to an emergency room. During the following four days, she claimed to have developed an extended abdomen, and her white blood count was elevated, and when she started vomiting, she went back to the ER. She was admitted to the hospital by the defendant, who apparently only ordered a CT scan after two additional days.

After the CT scan revealed the perforation, the plaintiff apparently had to undergo two additional surgical procedures. This doctor's failure to diagnose the perforation led to the medical malpractice lawsuit and the jury award exceeding $1.57 million. This included compensation to cover medical expenses and pain and suffering. Medical malpractice claims are typically complicated, and the services of experienced Maryland medical malpractice attorneys may be invaluable.

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