Medical malpractice claim brought in Maryland woman's death

Family members of a 37-year old woman who died after needing dialysis have brought a lawsuit against two medical providers for medical malpractice. The woman was turned away for dialysis for not having a physician's order and died days later. The woman had been told by doctors that she would require dialysis for the remainder of her life. Despite that, she was turned away from treatment. Her family members have brought a claim against a medical center, whose staff was responsible for writing the physician's order for her dialysis, and a Maryland dialysis clinic whose parent company operates nationally and whose name it bears.

One representative of the parties being sued responded that the woman died due to pre-existing health problems and both parties deny the assertions of the woman's family members in the lawsuit. The family's representative noted that at the very least, emergency dialysis care should have been recommended when the physician's order was not located. The family members are seeking damages which are capped at $887,500 for non-economic medical malpractice damages in Maryland. The representative for the family continues to investigate mistakes that may have been made by medical professionals and staff involved.

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the woman's two adult daughters, one adult son, two minor children and her parents. When a loved one has been wrongfully lost due the negligence of another party, such as in circumstances of medical negligence or a fatal mistake, it can be devastating for families. Surviving family members may face emotional and financial challenges following the unexpected and wrongful loss of a loved one. Because of the serious nature of medical malpractice, wrongful death claims may be brought on behalf of surviving family members for the recovery of damages for the harm they have suffered.

Wrongful death legal options allow victims of medical malpractice to seek compensation for damages and accountability for the parties responsible for the harm they and their loved ones have suffered. It is important for victims of medical malpractice to be aware of the legal options available to protect them given the unquestionably challenging circumstances they are facing.

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