Will workers' compensation cover any injury on the job?

Are all workplace injuries going to be covered by workers' compensation? By legal standards, not all injuries are covered, even when the injury takes place while you're at work. This is because Maryland has a law that states that any injury that is going to be covered by workers' compensation must have been accidental and arisen during the course of employment. For instance, if you're working and slip on a wet floor, any injury you suffer should be covered. However, if you're hurt while working but caused your injury purposefully, then it would be more likely for your claim to be denied.

Workers' compensation laws only protect employees. That means that if you are not an employee but instead a freelancer or independent contractor, you won't be covered by your client's workers' compensation insurance. Any injury you suffer will be your own responsibility unless you can sue for harm caused due to neglect or negligence.

Generally speaking, injuries that happen on the job are covered under workers' compensation, but they do occasionally get denied or have to be investigated before benefits can be provided. Once it's decided that you are eligible, you can receive temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, and other benefits to help cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

In the case that your workers' compensation claim is denied, you may be able to make an appeal with the help of your attorney. The paperwork you need to file may need to be resubmitted or reorganized to better show how you became injured and to prove the severity of your injuries.

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