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1 injured in Hagerstown motorcycle crash


As the weather starts to warm up in Maryland, motorcycles become a common sight on the roads as they become dryer. These two-wheeled vehicles can be a great way for people to explore or an economical means of travel. However, their smaller size can also make them hard for motorists to see, especially if they are in a driver’s blind spot. Additionally, motorcycles provide little protection to bikers in an accident and this leaves them at a high risk of serious injury.

The causes for a recent motorcycle accident in Hagerstown are unknown. It is also uncertain what injuries the rider suffered, although it was serious enough that a helicopter needed to be called to the scene. The rider was placed in a shock trauma center in Baltimore and there was also no word on the victim’s condition.

There may have been another car involved but that was not confirmed. Law enforcement have not stated whether they are looking at contributing factors such as speeding, alcohol, drugs, distraction or failure to yield.

Injuries from motorcycle accidents can include brain injury, broken bones, road rash and permanent paralysis. Such injuries leave people with mountains of medical debt, permanent pain and suffering, and the need for medical care. Additionally, bikers and their families can find themselves in financial difficulty if the biker is left unable to work. In addition to medical debt, they may be unable to pay their mortgage, credit cards or even fully support their family. In such instances, it might be a good idea for people to discuss their situation with an attorney.

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