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Truck driving behaviors that lead to accidents in MD


Every day, heavy trucks cross through Prince Georges County on their way to the D.C. area or to Baltimore. Their immense size makes them challenging to share the road with and at McGowan & Cecil LLC, we understand only too well what can happen when a trucker makes an error of judgment. In a previous post, we briefly discussed some behaviors on the part of truckers, which can result in injury to innocent people.

One of the most problematic behaviors by truckers is driving when they should be resting. A great amount of media coverage has been given to this issue in the past couple of years, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has responded by establishing tighter restrictions. Yet, despite this action, collisions continue to be attributed to drivers who had been on the load longer than the law allows.

Choosing to take drugs or consuming alcohol while operating a semi is simply a bad idea that has not yet fully sunk into the trucking industry. Many times, drivers may resort to illegal or prescription drugs as a way to stay awake or have more energy. This can leave them in an impaired state, impeding their ability to discern distance from other moving objects or react promptly in a sudden emergency.

Another issue that can be especially dangerous is engaging in distractive actions. You are already well aware of the risks associated with cellphone use and texting. However, truck accidents have occurred when truckers were in the process of eating, paying attention to something outside the truck, smoking, reaching for something in the cab or even using in-vehicle systems. For more information on truck drivers and negligent behaviors, please visit our web page.

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