Maryland man suffers severe injury while trimming trees

There are many occupations that require workers in Maryland to spend time outdoors and there are also many risks that this environment poses. Some of these risks include exposure to the elements, which can result in heat stroke, dehydration or heat illness; working with heavy equipment that could malfunction; standing on a high platform and falling off; and operating in close proximity to power lines, which could lead to electrocution.

Recently, a man in Port Republic was flown to a nearby shock trauma center after he was severely injured in a fall. The man had to be hoisted up a hill, where he landed after he fell from a power line while trimming trees. The details are sketchy so it is unknown whether the man hit the power line before he fell or how the accident actually happened. His injuries, which were not elaborated on, were termed critical. There was no information available on his current condition.

Two helicopters were called for in the technical rescue after the fire department responded to the scene. Authorities were unable to say how far down the man fell or what equipment he was working with. What is known is that the man landed under the power lines about one to two miles from the road. The name of the man’s employer also remains unknown.

An unexpected workplace injury can leave people facing months of recovery, lost income, lost future earnings, additional medical care and even permanently disabled. This can create additional financial burdens on top of the emotional and physical trauma. Workers and their families may find it helpful to discuss their situation with an experienced attorney.

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