Can You Tell If A Dog Is About To Bite?

Dog: Man's Best Friend.

Sure, but that does not mean dogs are always going to act with safety in mind or in a way that you can predict. Whether you are enjoying a walk through the neighborhood, a jog at the park, or pushing your young child in a stroller, it is in your best interest to know the signs of a potential bite so you can keep your loved ones safe.

Visual Signs To Watch For

The helpful folks at have pointed out several behaviors that a dog may engage in to send a clear message that you need to keep your distance. These behaviors or actions include:

  • Growling, specifically low in the throat
  • Barking
  • Showing its teeth
  • Staring down a person or animal
  • Thrusting its chest outward
  • Spacing out its legs apart from each other

These are obvious visual signs that something is not right, but there are other behaviors you should train yourself and your children to watch out for. For example, if a dog is wagging its tail in a stiff manner or holding it higher than usual, it may be a sign that the dog feels threatened or is feeling an intense energy.

Other signs include yawning in order to show its teeth, fur standing on end, licking of lips, and acting in any other manner that would be considered anti-social.

Protecting Your Children And Grandchildren From Dog Attacks

As a general rule, children love animals. Unfortunately, they don't always appreciate the differences between a cuddly stuffed animal and someone's dog. Make sure your kids know not to sneak up on any animal, and to always ask a dog's owner before trying to pet it. Some dogs, particularly those that have been abused or have difficult pasts, may not be up to interacting with strangers.

We All Have A Role To Play

By taking precautions and being alert around dogs, we can all work to reduce the number of dog attacks. If tragedy does strike, you can turn to the dedicated personal injury lawyers at McGowan & Cecil, LLC. We serve injury survivors and the families of wrongful death victims throughout the D.C.-Baltimore region.

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