Deadly bus accident caused by driver suffering from seizures

People, who are approved to operate a large truck or bus, often undergo tests to ensure they are able to safely drive a large vehicle. There are some things, however, that can go wrong, such as mechanical malfunctions, driver emergencies, and overall negligence. When such problems exist, there is an increased risk that the large truck or bus may be involved in a catastrophic collision, which can cause serious injuries and even death in some cases.

A bus driver’s medical history and medication list is being evaluated after he was involved in a major bus accident that took the lives of six people and injured 11 more. In fact, the wreck is being investigated by both local officers as well as the National Transportation Safety Board.

The 67-year-old bus driver had a past of poor driving experiences. In 2014, he was involved in a collision much like the one that occurred recently, where he was driving a car and crossed over into oncoming traffic. The man also lost his commercial driver’s license a few months prior to the accident after he allegedly failed to present documentation saying that he was physically able to drive.

Just recently, the bus driver is thought to have experienced a medical episode stemming from his seizure disorder before hitting the back of a Ford Mustang. The bus then swerved over into oncoming traffic and struck a Maryland Transit Administration bus. Four MTA bus passengers and both bus drivers were killed.

It is devastating when unfit drivers take the lives of innocent people. As a way to find answers to questions and get resolve over the matter, surviving victims of an accident may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney regarding their legal rights.

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