New technology aims to curb distracted drivers

Distracted drivers cause a surprising number of motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and deaths in Maryland and across the country every year. Although Maryland law prohibits drivers from using a hand-held cellular device to talk or text while behind the wheel, many continue to engage in this dangerous practice. As a result, these distracted drivers put innocent lives at risk. In 2016 alone, law enforcement officers cited more than 41,000 drivers who were using a cellular device illegally.

A proposed bill in Maryland was created in an attempt to limit the high number of distracted drivers in the state. If passed, the bill would give law enforcement officers the right to tape motorists who are using cellular devices illegally while driving. Maryland would be the first in the nation to use this technology to catch, cite and deter drivers from engaging in distractive activities rather than focusing on the road. A task force would also be created to look at the violations and determine whether drivers should face criminal charges or civil offenses.

While some people are excited about the bill’s potential to save lives, others argue that the act may be an infringement on people’s privacy.

When people are injured in an auto accident caused by a distracted driver, they may be left unable to return to work or engage in daily activities. People who are guilty of committing these offenses should be held responsible for their negligent actions. A personal injury attorney may be essential to developing a case and getting you the compensation you deserve.

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