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Speed involved in a tragic accident leaving one dead


When drivers travel at high rates of speed, they not only endanger the lives of everyone in their vehicle, they risk the lives of everyone on the road. Speeding is especially dangerous in inclement weather situations, as it can be difficult to stop and the vehicle may skid or slide into another vehicle. High-speed accidents can be catastrophic, as the force of impact can cause vehicle passengers to fly out of the vehicle.

In one incident, a vehicle traveling through Millersville was involved in a tragic accident. The man driving the SUV apparently lost control of the speeding vehicle, causing it to drive over an embankment and roll over. State law enforcement reported that bad road conditions and speed were the probable cause of the accident, and ruled out alcohol and drug use. The woman who was restrained in the front seat suffered serious injuries, and the driver, who was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of incident, was thrown from the vehicle. He was found dead at the accident site. Fortunately, the six-day-old infant who was properly secured in a child seat remained uninjured.

When people are injured in a serious auto accident, they may be unable to go to work or engage in everyday activities. As a result, they may lose wages, have severe emotional trauma and suffer from extensive medical expenses. An attorney may be helpful in pursuing compensation in traffic accident cases.

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