Maryland Pedestrian Fatalities on the Decline

Pedestrian fatalities are a major problem in states across the country. Drivers may be distracted, drunk or drowsy while behind the wheel and simply fail to see pedestrians who step out into a designated crosswalk. The results are disastrous, and a significant number of people are seriously injured or killed in pedestrian accidents throughout the nation.

While the national average number of people who have been killed in pedestrian accidents has risen from 2015 to 2016, Maryland has seen a decline in these tragic fatalities. A report released from the Governors Highway Safety Association shows an 11 percent increase in these accidents during that time period. During that same duration, Maryland reported a 13 percent decrease from 45 deaths in 2015 to 37 deaths in 2016.

The high occurrence of pedestrian deaths remains an issue. Researchers believe that there are several contributing factors. More vehicles on the road, paired with an increasing pedestrian population may explain the increase in fatalities. Smartphone distraction is another factor, as these devices cause a serious distraction for both motorists and pedestrians. When people are distracted by their cellphones, they are unable to make eye contact and see people who are crossing the road, even when they are in designated crosswalks.

When people are hit by negligent drivers, they may suffer devastating injuries that could have a major effect on their lives. Injured pedestrians may want to contact a personal injury attorney to explore their legal options and ensure they receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

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