Young worker lost leg in tragic accident

Poor working conditions, lack of safety conditions and failure to properly train employees can lead to disaster for workers and employers alike. Employers are responsible for ensuring their workers have the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform their job. When workers are not given this training, they may become severely injured, or ultimately lose their lives.

A 17-year-old immigrant from Guatemala lost his leg in a tragic accident that occurred while he was attempting to clean a piece of machinery. Since there were no ladders in the area to help him reach the valve to shut the water off, the boy climbed over the machine as he was shown to do. As he was reaching for the valve, he slipped, turning on the machine. The huge paddles pulled his leg into the swirling machine and twisted it until it broke. It was held on only by skin and ligaments.

The boy was too young to work in the factory, but he had used his 28-year-old brother’s identification to get the job. No one at the company had questioned the fact that the young kid looked nothing like the ID picture. The company was fined nearly $2 million for workplace violations in 2015. In the past seven years, the company was cited for over 240 violations.

When workers are injured on the job, they often have the right to receive compensation for their injuries. You should receive the tools you need to remain safe while working. If you have been injured, you may want to contact an attorney regarding your legal rights.

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