Maryland motor vehicle crash leaves one dead and five injured

At this time of year, the last thing Prince George's County residents want to learn of is an auto accident in which there were multiple injuries to both adults and children. However, that is exactly what happened in an incident earlier this month. This motor vehicle accident was particularly sad in that it led to one fatality and five others being injured, including three children.

The accident took place in Seat Pleasant, according to police. A 31-year-old man was driving on the 6500 block of Seat Pleasant Drive when he crossed the double yellow lines and went into oncoming traffic. This occurred just after 7 p.m. The man was thrown from his car as it collided with another vehicle that was in the oncoming lane. The ejected driver was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Inside the other vehicle, the driver and an adult passenger both suffered serious injuries as a result of the motor vehicle crash. According to Prince George's County police, three children who were in the vehicle were also injured. The children were taken to Children's Hospital for treatment. The condition of the two adults was not immediately released. It was not clear in the aftermath of the accident if alcohol or excessive speed played a part in the incident.

What is clear is that one driver's actions led to a major accident that left one dead and several injured. Whether it was driver's negligence or something else that led to the incident may never be known. But those who were injured may be eligible for compensation for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering for the injuries they sustained.

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