High-speed auto accidents can turn deadly

The driver and passenger of an overturned truck were recently hit by another vehicle on a Maryland highway. The passenger, who had been ejected from the overturned box truck just prior to being hit by the car, was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver was taken to a trauma center in Baltimore with life-threatening injuries.

The vehicle that hit them drove away without stopping, and police are searching for the driver. The box truck originally overturned when it entered the median and struck the guardrail for unknown reasons. High-speed auto accidents, like this one, are especially hazardous to victims.

When injuries occur in a car crash, victims can seek compensation in court by showing that their injuries were caused by the negligent behavior of another driver. Negligence occurs when someone does not act with the level of care a reasonable person would show under the circumstances. For example, while the high speed of highway driving can make it difficult for even a reasonable driver to react in time to obstacles such as the overturned truck, in this case, the failure to stop at the scene might be seen as a sign that this driver did not exercise the ordinary level of care.

In a hit-and-run case such as this one, where serious injury or death occur, victims and the survivors of the deceased can receive compensation for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and earning capacity and for permanent disability. In addition, the family of someone who has died in an accident may be able to receive compensation for the loss of companionship, care, and consortium of the love one.

Highway-speed driving can be dangerous, but if an accident occurs, it is possible to receive reparations for the expenses it causes.

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