Princess Anne car crash leaves five people injured

An auto accident in Princess Anne, Maryland, has left five people injured. The incident occurred July 13 along a service road called Brittingham Lane. The road, which provides access to a supermarket and a pharmacy, was busy due to rush hour traffic. The accident happened when a vehicle traveling westbound on the road collided with another vehicle attempting to make a left-hand turn. The accident resulted in the hospitalization of five people, including children.

Firefighters from the Fruitland Fire Department were sent to assist the Princess Anne Fire Department at the scene of the accident. Other details regarding the accident, such as the reasons for the drivers' actions leading to the accident or which vehicles the injured were traveling in, were not immediately known.

There are many common causes of car accidents. In some cases, accidents can result from simple mistakes or mere moments of inattention. Even those who consider themselves good drivers can make a mindless mistake that results in a car accident. Beyond that, there are other accident causes that cross over into the realm of outright negligence. For instance, actions such as texting or carrying on a telephone conversation while driving can seriously impair a driver's ability to control his or her vehicle safely.

While it is important to determine the cause of the accident, the well-being of all those who were injured is of the utmost importance. However, as is often the case with those who are seriously injured in a car accident, the cost of the medical care necessary to ensure recovery can be astronomical. For those injured in car accidents, pursuing legal recourse can be the only way to help cover medical costs, especially for those without health insurance.

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