Traffic fatalities are up in Harford County so far this year

Motorcyclists take note: traffic fatalities are up in Harford County, Maryland, this year. Because motorcyclists are in particular danger of receiving serious injuries as a result of a crash, it is of increased importance that they take the precautions necessary to prevent a motorcycle accident from occurring.

Motorcyclists can follow some common sense safety procedures to help prevent motorcycle crashes or reduce the threat of serious injury. For instance: wearing noticeable colors, avoiding nighttime riding, wearing a helmet and protective clothing, and keeping extra distance from cars on the road all decrease the likelihood of serious injuries. Because some motorcycle accidents occur when drivers are unaware of the motorcyclist, taking measures to ensure a cyclist is seen can help prevent a life-threatening accident.

If the circumstances of the 15 fatalities that occured in Harford County this year illuminate any lesson, it is to follow the posted rules. Behind many of these fatal accidents are instances of people who do not abide by traffic laws. This includes a failure to obey a stop sign or driving above the speed limit. Rules such as these are created to save lives. When all drivers on the road follow them and are mindful of others, fewer accidents are likely to occur.

When people get into situations that they do not normally find themselves, they may make brash choices that are potentially dangerous. Motorcyclists, more than most other drivers, need to be aware of this potential and should take steps to avoid being caught off-guard. Yet, even when taking precaution, accidents can happen. Thus, motorcyclists should also take some time to understand their legal rights should an unfortunate accident occur.

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