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4-vehicle Maryland accident sends 3 people to hospital


It is a well-known fact that driving can be dangerous, but few people get into their cars expecting to be seriously injured in a car accident. However, a large car accident in Easton, Maryland, has done just that to three individuals. Maryland police responded to the accident, which occurred on Route 33 at Leehaven Road, to find a sprawling accident scene involving four vehicles.

According to reports, the accident started when an SUV was rear-ended by a truck, sending it into oncoming traffic where it struck another SUV. This caused the second SUV to collide with a utility pole on the shoulder of Route 33. The fourth vehicle swerved off the road to avoid a collision and ended up in a ditch. The driver of the truck was airlifted to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for treatment. The driver and passenger of the second SUV also received treatment for injuries sustained in the accident.

For those injured in the accident, the medical costs associated with their treatment will likely be quite expensive. Even short visits to a hospital can be more expensive than an individual or family can afford on a budget, especially in tight economic times. Consequently, those involved in car accidents often engage in legal action in an attempt to gain some financial assistance for an accident they may not have been responsible for.

By taking legal action to receive financial compensation, victims in car accidents can often receive the money necessary to cover short- or long-term medical costs and compensation for the physical and emotional toll caused by pain and suffering. Anyone injured in an accident should consider this as an option if necessary, and consider contacting an experienced lawyer if they choose to follow this path.

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