Car accident leaves Maryland delegate with injuries

A recent car crash in Prince George's County involved a Maryland state delegate. The delegate, Joseph F. Vallario Jr. of Assembly District 27A, was driving northbound on a local road when a vehicle struck his car. According to police spokesmen, the accident occurred when a car on the southbound lane was rear-ended while waiting to make a turn. The impact pushed it into the northbound lane.

Vallario hit that car and then collided with a telephone pole, suffering a broken nose and a head injury, which required stitches. He received treatment at a local hospital for his injuries, but has since been released. A driver involved in the incident was charged with several traffic violations.

It is a thankful occurrence that the delegate and the other drivers involved did not suffer more severe injuries, as auto accidents can result in serious injury or death. Broken bones, spinal injuries, concussions and even brain injuries can result from serious car accidents. In the event that any of these injuries are sustained, the victims of car accidents oftentimes are compelled to file an accident claim and seek to receive compensation.

One reason for seeking compensation is very clear: the financial burden of medical treatment often requires it. Short and long-term medical treatment is usually costly, particularly if the driver needs to seek emergency treatment. Even one brief visit to an emergency room can create a major financial strain, especially in today's economic climate.

Another common reason for damages in a personal injury lawsuit is that victims are regularly found entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering caused by another driver's recklessness or inattention. For drivers injured in car accidents due to the fault of another, taking legal action could help ease the burdens associated with the accident.

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