Truck crash leaves one in hospital

It will come as no surprise to Maryland readers that driving can be a dangerous activity. Small moments of driver's negligence can translate into a dangerous moment which threatens the safety of all those on the road. Most of these moments pass without incident, but not all of them. Sometimes, unfortunately, a drivers' behavior can cause an accident which can involve and potentially injure other drivers.

Take, for instance, a recent accident which occurred in the Severna Park area. According to police reports on the incident, a pickup truck rear-ended a car on Veterans Highway. This type of event is not entirely uncommon, and neither are the results. The driver of the pickup truck, a 56-year-old male, was found unconscious and not breathing at the scene of the accident. He was transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. The driver of the car was also injured, luckily to a lesser extent.

While little is known about the causes of this particular crash, there are many causes of accidents ranging from a moment of inattention to an unavoidable medical emergency. While some of them may be caused by unavoidable circumstances or unknown mistakes, some of them are the result of a willful choice on behalf of one driver that endangers the welfare of others. Drivers talking or texting on cell phones is a common cause of accidents, as are drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Those injured in a car accident caused by another driver may face medical and financial consequences. For these individuals, legal recourse provides a mechanism to receive compensation for their hardship. Receiving funds to cover medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering are potential outcomes.

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