Jury awards millions to parents of daughter with cerebral palsy

It is difficult to describe the pain of a family in Maryland left devastated because the delivery of what was supposed to be a healthy baby went horribly wrong. Not only can these resulting birth injuries change the trajectory of the child's life and development, but in many instances, it also saddles parents with the financial burden of astronomical medical and long-term care expenses.

When the birth injury occurs because of some avoidable failure on behalf medical staff, there can be financial compensation available. A 10-year-old little girl that was supposed to be born without injury is now confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. The little girl requires constant supervision because she is a victim of cerebral palsy after a lapse in care during her delivery resulted in oxygen deprivation.

The parents of this child filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to recover financial compensation to provide for the long-term care and medical expenses that this little girl will require throughout her life. The emotional trial consisted of a rejected settlement, appeals and heartbreak. But, the family was finally awarded a multimillion-dollar judgment for the birth injury that their daughter suffered.

The attorney representing this family says, "The saddest part of this case is that despite the litany of errors, this baby could have been rescued. Had the nursing team communicated with the obstetrician just 15 minutes sooner -- and delivered the baby -- this terrible tragedy could have been avoided."

While no amount of compensation will reverse the errors, injury or tragedy of the situation, the family is elated that their little girl will forever receive the best quality of medical care thanks to this award.

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