A denied SSDI application can be appealed in Maryland

It can be beyond discouraging when an individual in Maryland sees their application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits denied. Many feel hopeless when already faced with struggle. A denied SSDI application can feel insurmountable, but many individuals do not realize that there is an appeals process, meaning that an initially denied claim does not mean that an individual will never receive SSDI benefits.

In fact, many claims are initially denied, particularly as the Social Security Administration has been looking to clear out a substantial backlog of claims. In the appeals process, an individual is able to first request for reconsideration. If this is fruitless, then the individual can request for a hearing before an administrative law judge.

The SSA recently increased the number of administrative law judges across the nation in order to more quickly address the reported 830,000 hearings the SSA anticipates will be requested this year. An attorney is invaluable when an individual looking to secure benefits must go before an administrative law judge.

There is a much higher level of success with the assistance of a skilled attorney. Less than half of individuals that embark on this pursuit alone will be successful in securing the benefits he or she desperately need.

In Maryland, an experienced SSDI attorney can help an individual build a strong case by issuing compelling arguments that demonstrate the individual's need for benefits. An attorney can assist an individual struggling with a disabling condition that prevents him or her from working by doing the heavy lifting in securing help.

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