Man crushed to death in mystery accident with tipper truck

A family is looking to find answers in the workplace accident that claimed the life of their loved one. The man was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. All members of the family are deeply troubled by the accident that claimed him, but are further troubled that no one can explain his untimely death.

The man was working with a tipper trick when for reason that remain unclear, the tipped lowered, suffocating the victim to death while crushing him. Reportedly, the tipper is only supposed to be able to be lowered when an individual depresses a button the entire time that the device is lowering. The button is near the driver's seat, so it is not feasible that the victim could have depressed the button.

Clearly, something seems amiss that it is impossible for the man to have lowered the tipper when outside the truck, but the tipper still lowered and suffocated him. Logic would appear to indicate that something malfunctioned, but investigators say they can locate no fault.

Dealing with an unexpected loss is difficult under any circumstances, but this difficulty is compounded when there are no answers or explanation for the loss. In Maryland, when a family loses a loved one, workers' compensation coverage can cover some expenses associated with the loss of the loved one, including assistance with funeral and burial costs.

In some instances, when a family loses a loved one to a fatal accident in which a malfunctioning piece of equipment could be to be blame, there may be additional compensation available. Speaking to an experienced legal attorney can assist a family in securing workers' compensation death benefits, and also pursue a liability claim where applicable.

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