Accident prevention tips for small businesses

An on-the-job accident is not only problematic for the employees who are hurt by it, but it is also problematic for the business. When injured employees are no longer able to perform their job duties, this cuts into business productivity as workflow has to be re-routed and more pressure is put on other employees to pick up the slack. This is particularly true for small businesses that may have just one employee available to do a particular job. The best way to keep workers safe and keep a small business efficient is to avoid workplace injuries in the first place.

The first step toward avoiding workplace accidents involves preparation. No business can ever be completely accident-proof, but businesses can be prepared to minimize injuries following such an event. Having first aid kits available and regularly serviced, having defibrillators at hand in case of a heart attack and informing employees of action plans in cases of different types of emergencies are all a vital part of the preparation process.

Anticipating potential accidents is another important step. By analyzing work environments, and past accidents, small business managers can identify key areas where accidents could occur. Then they can take action to make those areas as safe as possible and educate workers in those areas on how to avoid such accidents.

It is also vital to keep up with building maintenance, machine maintenance and other kinds of maintenance. This will help ensure that work environments and tools that are being used by staff are all as safe as they can possibly be. Another important part of maintenance involves keeping fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and other safety devices in proper working order.

Finally, always stay aware. A manager who is aware, and listening closely to employee concerns and complaints, will have the best ability to stay on top of potential dangers and keep their workplaces safe. Workers who are injured on the job in Maryland will usually be able to obtain money to pay for their medical care and lost wages caused by their injuries by pursuing a workers' compensation claim.

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