Social Security Disability benefits can help those unable to work

Maryland residents who suffer from a serious medical condition often worry about how they will pay the bills and make ends meet if they become unable to work. Fortunately, Social Security Disability benefits are available for those who qualify.

In general, Social Security Disability Insurance is available for people with a qualifying work history who have a physical or mental condition that significantly impairs their ability to work for at least a year. Those who do not have the necessary work history to receive SSDI may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits. At the law firm of McGowan & Cecil, LLC we represent people throughout the Washington-Baltimore area who are applying for SSDI and SSI benefits.

The application process for SSDI and SSI can be extremely challenging. Applicants must submit sufficient information in the form of medical records and reports from physicians that show they meet the legal standard of disability. Failing to include the correct information will often lead to a denial of benefits.

Working with an experienced Social Security Disability law firm can significantly improve one's chances of being approved for SSDI or SSI benefits. At our law firm we have extensive experience working with physicians and medical providers to assemble the documentation required by the Social Security Administration. We have successfully represented many individuals in the appeal process after an initial application was turned down. For more on how we can help Maryland residents who are seeking SSDI and SSI benefits, please visit our Laurel Social Security Disability Attorneys web page.

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