Are Stroke Victims Eligible For SSDI?

The repercussions of a stroke can be devastating, physically, emotionally and financially. People may be left unable to work and drowning in a pile of medical expenses from inpatient care, rehabilitation, in-home care and follow-up appointments. Making ends meet can be extremely difficult when left to face these burdens on your own. Social Security Disability Insurance may be able to help you pay medical expenses and get back on your feet as you recover from your stroke.

How Do You Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must suffer from a medical condition that limits your ability to work for at least one year, or will eventually result in your death. You must also show that you have worked long enough to be considered for benefits, and a portion of that work has been accomplished recently.

Once you have submitted your application and representatives have concluded that you meet these requirements, the state agency will perform a final review on your case to approve or reject benefits. During this time, physicians will review the details of your medical condition and may make you take a medical exam. The entire process may take at least five months or longer depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, so it is crucial that you submit your application as soon as possible.

What Can Strokes Cause?

Strokes can cause visual problems, memory loss, behavioral changes, seizures, muscle tightness, fatigue, speech and language problems, as well as paralysis. Having SSDI benefits to assist you through this hard time may be essential to your recovery and transition back into the workplace.

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