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Patients dying while waiting for benefits


When patients apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, they are often in need of immediate medical assistance and are unable to work. People who suffer from certain illnesses that will ultimately cause their death, such as cancer, qualify for SSDI benefits that will help cover their medical and living expenses while they live out the remaining time they have. Sadly, the application and approval process can take months, even years to go through and many people who suffer from these terminal conditions cannot wait that long.

The Compassionate Allowances Program was developed to rush people who have certain terminal conditions through the benefits review process. However, even people who are dying with cancer are having to wait long periods before they are able to receive their much-needed SSDI benefits. One woman diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer is struggling to keep her home while battling the extensive medical expenses and trying to make ends meet. Although she clearly qualifies for benefits, she was told that she would have to wait for at least six months to collect benefits. Unfortunately, she may not live that long. One man who had waited nine months for his SSDI benefit check through the Compassionate Allowances Program, died one week after finally receiving a payment.

If you qualify for SSDI benefits, you may need assistance navigating through the approval process. An attorney in Maryland may be helpful in answering your questions, exploring your legal options and getting the money to you as soon as possible.

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