SSDI statistics: Why does the process take so long?

Whether you have already applied for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits or you are simply considering filing for these services, there are some things that you should know. The process of filing for SSDI benefits can be lengthy, and it make take months, even years for some applicants to receive notice as to if they have been approved for benefits. According to the SSA, the department that handles SSDI applications is just over 990,000 cases behind in processing benefit requests.

The average time for a case to be processed is 422 days. Each application is reviewed by an SSA officer, who determines whether your condition qualifies for disability benefits. In order to make the decision, the officer may need to contact physicians for further information, and wait for medical documents to arrive. In some cases, the applicant may need to go in for further testing or produce further evidence of their condition. It is crucial that your paperwork is filled out correctly and that you submit all documentation needed so that this process can be expedited.

If the officer denies your application, you may be able to file for an appeal. However, this process can be lengthy as well. In fact, you may have to wait an additional 635 days to have an appeals hearing and to receive a decision. During this time, your medical expenses, and monthly cost of living may become too much to handle. Approximately 2,000 people passed away while waiting for their SSDI benefits to be approved.

An attorney may greatly improve your chances of receiving a quick and fair decision. Lawyers can help to ensure your paperwork is filled out completely and that you submit everything that is required for your application to be processed as quickly as possible.

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