You Can Make a Claim After a Workplace Accident

After you're injured in a construction accident, it's important that your health is taken seriously. There's little room in your life for weeks upon end of negotiating or tactics being used to prevent you from getting the money you need. You've already suffered a serious injury and all the stress and anxiety that comes with it. You shouldn't also have to have the burden of fighting for your compensation on top of that.

You may have been injured by falling off a ladder from a great height, or you could have been electrocuted when a coworker failed to wait until you cleared a device before powering it on. A machine you were working on may have broken down and injured you, or you may have been caught in machinery due to unsafe uniforms or clothing. Whatever the reason is that you're injured, it's your employer's responsibility to make sure you don't have to suffer without the help you need.

Many times, you'll have access to workplace compensation for the medical bills you accrue, but you may also be able to claim money from other parties. For example, if it was a third party working on the scene when you were struck by a work truck, then you could potentially hold them liable as well as receiving workers' compensation since you were injured on the job.

Our website has more information on what you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones and the rights you're entitled to after a work accident. You shouldn't have to struggle through this time without the support you need.

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