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Rider sustains serious injuries in Maryland motorcycle crash


A recent motorcycle crash in Maryland serves as a reminder that with spring approaching, more motorcyclists will be on the road and Maryland drivers need to be more watchful. A driver's negligence in noticing motorcyclists around him or her can lead to the rider suffering very serious injuries.

This recent accident left a motorcyclist in critical condition at a hospital. The most recent information available indicates that his condition remains critical, but has been stabilized.

The driver of another car was traveling along a road when she decided to turn around by making a u-turn. In the middle of her turn, the motorcyclist, who was traveling in the same direction as the car, slammed into her driver's side door. The driver of the car also was taken to the hospital, but her injuries were described as non-life-threatening.

The injured motorcyclist was only 25 years old. While it is hoped that he will have a full recovery, he may have to battle with these injuries for the rest of his life.

While authorities are still trying to gather information about this accident, it is possible that the driver of the car began to make the u-turn because she was unaware of the motorcyclist who was driving in the same direction behind her.

Although it is always a good idea to check one's blind spots and mirrors before making a turn, this advice especially holds true when motorcyclists are on the road. Motorcycles are hard to see due to their small size, and any little bit of inattention on the part of a driver can lead to tragic motorcycle crashes like the one in this case.

Motorcyclists who are injured by an inattentive driver who simply does not see them may be entitled to receive compensation from that driver for their injuries, if it can be proven that the driver acted negligently in some manner in causing the accident.

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