What sort of injury risks can a Maryland office worker face?

Workplace safety is by and large focused on preventing injuries in Maryland. Most often people think that this means properly training employees to use heavy machinery, inspecting machinery and outfitting workers with proper protective gear. While all of those things are critical to the safety of workers across Maryland, workplace safety can extend far beyond that. Workplace safety can also include adequate security or educating office workers about correcting their posture.

It is true that an office setting presents far less risk than a construction zone or manufacturing plant presents for a workplace accident. However, office workers are not necessarily at a decreased risk for suffering a work injury. This is because repetitive stress injuries are very common among office workers that sit for long hours in front of a computer.

These injuries can mean that a worker suffers with carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, tendinitis and much more. These injuries might not seem as devastating as losing a limb from a catastrophic accident on the job, but repetitive stress injuries are actually hugely disruptive to the productivity and lives of countless workers in Maryland.

In some instances, these conditions require treatment to alleviate the pain. Various treatments and time off from work for the injury can be covered under workers' compensation. Obtaining full benefits can be met with challenges, particularly if the injury is aggravated by a pre-existing condition. However, a skilled attorney can help a worker find the relief that they need.

Additionally, there are some ergonomically-sensitive pieces of office equipment, stretches, and postures that can assist a worker in Maryland avoid the risk of some of these injuries.

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