Tips for avoiding injuries and working safely

A lot of workplace injuries can be avoided, and these tips can help. In any industry, it's very important to work safely and carefully at all times, which ensures better overall production and better health in the long run.

1. Always clean up right away. A lot of slip and fall accidents happen because something is spilled and workers, who may feel they are too busy at the moment, don't clean up immediately.

2. Use approved devices. For instance, if you need to get something off of a shelf, don't just grab a chair from the conference room. That may be faster, but it's still better to go get an approved ladder designed specifically for that purpose.

3. Lift with your legs. Most people instinctively lift things with their backs, simply bending forward at the waist. The legs are far stronger, though, and less prone to serious injury. Crouch down, get your feet under you, keep your back straight and lift straight up.

4. Understand safety plans. Do you know what to do if someone else is injured? What about if a fire breaks out in the workplace? Even if a disaster seems unlikely, it's good to know the safety plans first so that you can act quickly if needed.

5. Tell supervisors about potential issues. Always report anything that looks dangerous. This way, your supervisor can take care of it and keep you-or someone else-from being injured in the future.

Naturally, many workplace accidents still happen, even when these tips are used, so you need to know what rights you have to compensation if you're hurt while on the job in Maryland.

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