Maryland residents with disabilities should accept deserved help

Some individuals in Maryland that are unable to work because of a debilitating condition desperately need financial assistance but are reluctant to pursue available avenues. Why? Unfortunately, there is a level of stigma propagated by uninformed parties and biased media surrounding the receipt of benefits. It is important to address these issues so that more people can seek help.

One woman that hesitated to file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits watched her accounts drain as she was unable to fill them back up because her leg shattered from undiagnosed osteoporosis and prevented her from working. The pain rendered her unable to do most things without discomfort, much less sit or stand for long periods as her job required.

After an extensive period of time, this mother began receiving SSDI benefits, but she still at times struggles with this. It is important for this woman and everyone else that needs benefits to remember that these benefits are not just given out. These individuals paid into the system through payroll taxes, and the qualifications for securing these benefits are rigorous. In fact, most individuals in Maryland need the close assistance of an experienced legal attorney to avoid having their legitimate claim denied.

There are almost 9 million individuals around the country living with disabilities or conditions that prevent them from working. To say that these individuals are anything but desperately trying to survive is unfair, inaccurate and minimizes their struggle.

If an individual in Maryland cannot work because of a serious condition or illness, that individual should not concern themselves with the opinions of uninformed parties. There is help available, and an experienced legal attorney can be invaluable in securing that help.

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