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Major motor vehicle accident shuts down I-95


At any given point in the day, there is likely a large commercial truck driving down Interstate 95. From package delivery drivers to large 18-wheel-semi-trucks, commercial drivers are always present on the roads. Most Maryland drivers are used to sharing the road with these giants but just a like large animal, if one gets too close, it could be extremely dangerous. Any time a large truck or commercial vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident, serious injuries and heavy damage are a possibility.

Not too long ago, a number of Maryland drivers suffered numerous injuries after a tractor trailer, a box truck and two vans crashed on I-95. The motor vehicle accident was believed to have been caused initially by a box truck full of appliances. The accident occurred early in the morning after the box truck driver rolled over the Interstate median causing a large crash and all lanes of I-95 to close. It is unclear how serious any of the injuries from the I-95 accident are. Police are continuing to investigate the accident.

Commercial drivers are often some of the safest drivers on the road but they can make mistakes. When a driver is fatigued or rushed, the chance of an accident increases. When they do make mistakes, often times other innocent drivers have to pay for them with injuries or even their lives. When an individual is injured in a commercial trucking accident, that person may be entitled to receive compensation from either the truck driver or the company employing that driver under the legal theory of vicarious liability.

Injuries from such a large vehicle can often be life-threatening or life-long. Even minor injuries can cause significant losses from pain and suffering. An attorney may be able to advise any Maryland resident injured from a motor vehicle accident on their rights to claim compensation.

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