Routine procedure goes terribly awry, settlement reached

For most teenagers in Maryland, fears around having their wisdom teeth removed are primarily confined to going to class with cheeks that are inflated like a chipmunk's. Having wisdom teeth extracted is a very common procedure that is most typically met with very minimal complications. Unfortunately, when a doctor, surgeon or any other medical professional is careless, even the most routine of procedures can go tragically awry.

The mother of a Maryland high school student likely felt little apprehension with her daughter having her wisdom teeth removed. Things took a horrific turn when the teen's heart rate dropped. The mother was likely panicked and confused when doctors relayed this news to her. The 17-year-old slipped into a coma for 10 days before she passed away.

Investigation into the teen's death revealed that the drop in heart rate meant oxygen was not being delivered to her brain during the routine surgery. The operating surgeons and medical staff failed to monitor her properly to recognize and fix this happening, which resulted in severe brain injuries and ultimately the death of this previously healthy 17-year-old.

The death of a child is always devastating. However, particularly when the death is sudden and entirely unexpected, grappling with such a heartbreaking twist of fate forever alters a parent. The parents of this teenager filed a medical malpractice claim following the death of their daughter, naming the anesthesiologist, surgeon and medical practices as liable parties that contributed to the death.

There is absolutely nothing that can ease the pain that clouds the lives of these Maryland parents. However, the settlement may lend them some sense of closure that those responsible for the death of their treasured daughter have been held accountable. For other families in Maryland that are ripped apart by the negligence of a health professional, there can be similar recourse available. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney best positions a family to find justice.

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